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Asia Pacific Surveys was formed in May 1993 to provide surveying, town planning, mapping, computing and project management services to Papua New Guinea, Queensland and the  south west Asia Pacific region. Although initially owned by Australian interest it is now wholly owned and managed by Papua New Guineans with input and support from Australia as required.

The firm prides itself on its utilisation of the most up-to-date technology. Its use of global positioning systems, total station theodolites, drones, data recorders, inkjet plotters and the latest computer software facilitate fast turnaround times from field surveys to final plans and reports. The use of these equipment and software enables all final data and plans to be output in digital format for use by associated consultants.

Our staff with many years of national and international experience specialise in engineering surveys, cadastral surveys, drone surveys, hydrographic surveys, GPS surveys, utility mapping surveys, mining oil gas surveys, geographical information systems (GIS) and mapping.

Our Vision

To be the preferred supplier of professional surveying, town planning and geospatial information services in PNG

Our Mission

Provide accurate, reliable and customer focussed surveying, town planning and geospatial information services